An analysis of the reason achilles allows patroclus to fight

Achilles refuses but does allow patroclus to fight in his place with all of achilles’ gear, patroclus leads the army into a certain defeat, but honorably, knowing he will die patroclus dies for his country and is a extremely loyal soldier. Achilles returns to his ships with his companion patroclus the achaeans send the ships to make the sacrifice, with odysseus in charge of the expedition meanwhile, agamemnon sends men to fetch briseis, who is given up without a fight achilles does not resist because the girl was a gift distributed by agamemnon and the great warrior feels it is. While achilles as an epic hero possesses all the characteristics that made him noble including other characteristics that lead to his downfall such as pride and wrath, still these contribute for him to attain a death that is noble and glorious for the sake of comradeship and loyalty, all for patroclus. Patroclus tells achilles to give him (patroclus) his (achilles) armor so that patroclus can go out into the field and defend the greek camp, giving the trojans and the greeks the false idea that achilles is fighting. Character analysis: achilles in homer’s epic “the iliad” the main character, achilles, is not really the typical run of the mill hero even though he is a great warrior he doesn’t come off as one in the epic.

an analysis of the reason achilles allows patroclus to fight Furious at this insult, achilles returns to his tent in the army camp and refuses to fight in the war any longer he vengefully yearns to see the achaeans destroyed and asks his mother, the sea-nymph thetis, to enlist the services of zeus, king of the gods, toward this end.

The relationship between achilles and patroclus is a key element of the stories associated with the trojan warits exact nature has been a subject of dispute in both the classical period and modern times in the iliad, homer describes a deep and meaningful relationship between achilles and patroclus, where achilles is tender toward patroclus but callous and arrogant toward others. Character analysis in iliad achilles: patroclus is achilles's favorite companion later, patroclus, fighting in achilles's armor, is killed by hector, and patroclus's death brings achilles back into the fight against the trojans as readers, homer allows us to sympathize with the characters by giving them depth, and we grieve when they. The growth of achilles russell selva course: engl 121h instructor: dr joan faust essay type: literary analysis from the first pages of homer's the iliad, achilles is portrayed as vengeful, proud, and petty as the book progresses, the image of achilles as a spiteful child is sharpened dramatically. Nestor suggests that patroclus wear achilles armor (because the trojans fear achilles) and lead the greeks into battle book 11: patroclus helps the wounded greek soldier this shows that pat wants to help the greeks more than achilles.

- achilles and patroklos i think the reason that achilles allows patroklos to fight is because achilles knows that the greeks need all the help they can get the trojans are very near to their ships and without some great miracle, the greeks will be defeated. The analysis here is essential, for it will help us soldiers, since they now fight without one of their best warriors however, even worse is a second god-driven plague, caused by achilles’ prayers the ill- in addition, patroclus’ demise and achilles’ subsequent decision to join the. After a great fight, achilles killed hector and continued his winning streak (hazel, 115) achilles became mature form a bloodthirsty warrior to a reserved and thoughtful man he was semi-god because her mother was a goddess but his father is mortal. Achilles debates returning home to live in ease with his aging father, but he remains at troy to win glory by killing hector and avenging patroclus the gravity of the decisions that hector and achilles make is emphasized by the fact that each knows his fate ahead of time. Essay on a comparison of achilles and hector - homer's iliad refers to an ancient epic greek poem the poem is based on the events of the trojan war, the siege of the troy city by a combination of greek states that took almost ten years.

Get everything you need to know about achilles in ransom analysis, related quotes, timeline is the hard bargain life makes with us—with all of us, every one—and the condition we share and for that reason, if for no other, we should have pity for one another's losses related characters: priam, peleus agreed to allow patroclus to. Patroclus begs achilles to allow him to lead the myrmidons into battle although he doesn't want agamemnon to secure any further glory, his heart aches for the lives of the argives and the glory. Patroclus and achilles are called to fight in a war they never wanted to be a part of they, and a host of armies at the side, with kings like menelaus, agamemnon, and odysseus, hold a war against troy to win back helen for menelaus.

Patroclus, being achilles' best friend, begs achilles to rejoin the fight or at least let him borrow achilles' armor in order to fool the trojans into thinking achilles is fighting on the battlefield, which would heavily intimidate the trojans and possibly turn the tide of the battle in the greek's favor. That achilles allows patroclus to fight is, of course, a measure of how great the influence of friendship is on him indeed, it is clear from the beginning that achilles is no longer kept out of the fighting by his anger at agamemnon. Character analysis patroklos but on his relationship to achilles in fact, one rarely sees patroklos as an individual there is no dramatic character development, but one does see patroklos as a character perpetrates dramatic events and provides a clearer understanding of achilles. This inferiority to achilles may have been the primary reason that patroclus’ life came to an end that day at the hands of the trojan army in conclusion, among the various themes of the iliad of homer, death is one of the most apparent and moving themes to consistently appear throughout the story.

  • Book 17: summary: menelaus sees the death of patroclus, and he goes to defend the bodyhe and euphorbus trade insults, and menelaus reminds him that he killed euphorbus' brother hyperenor they fight, and euphorbus dies hector, his attention focused on the fleeing horses of achilles, is made to look at the scene by apollohe leads an attack to win patroclus' body.
  • While achilles prolongs the fighting and suffering, hector actively seeks to circumvent the continued slaughter of infantry on both sides this scene presents an interesting mirror to hector’s battle with patroclus.

The greatest warrior in the achaian army the iliad is about the trojan war, but it is primarily about the war as it is affected by achilles' wrath, or angerachilles is the main character, and his inaction, or withdrawal from the fighting, is crucial to the plot. Meanwhile, patroclus goes to achilles’ tent and begs to be allowed to wear achilles’ armor if achilles still refuses to rejoin the battle himself achilles declines to fight but agrees to the exchange of armor, with the understanding that patroclus will fight only long enough to save the ships. Achilles, on the other hand, strongly refuses the proposal and allows his ruthless pride to take over his mind after hector falls in battle it is shocking to read how heartlessly achilles treats hector’s corpse.

An analysis of the reason achilles allows patroclus to fight
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